As most of you know LFL has been operating in a very tiny space. We are so excited to announce that today we have leased a much larger space for Little Film Lab and this is going to mean a lot of exciting improvements and developments (no pun intended) in the next few weeks!

Check out our darkroom and workshops companion website, Little Film Lab Workshops, for pictures of the new space!

The space is 1100+ sq. ft and just some of things it will allow us to do in short order are…

  • expand and improve our film processing capability
  • increase are scanning throughput
  • establish “business hours” of operation
  • reduce and regulate turnaround time
  • expand our staff and customer support (really excited to share more about the LFL team soon!)
  • provide true contact printed proof sheets for customers
  • offer traditional true black and white prints (we hope this will be a big hit!)