Photographer: Amy Perl
Camera: Hasselblad 500cm
Film Stock: 400nc

“My family took a trip this summer to Custer State Park in South Dakota. My husband and I decided to drive around (leave the kids/family in the cabin) to check out the surrounding area and came upon this horse….and this crazy approaching storm. We stopped for a moment, and then continued to drive straight into the storm. Those high plains storms aren’t messing around.” -Amy

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Photographer: Matt Haines
Camera: Mamiya 645AF
Film Stock: Portra 400

“This was from a same-sex wedding in Carmel, CA. I was actually a last-minute fill-in photographer, as the couple had planned to use a family member who ended up having a medical emergency. Their wedding planner called me less than 24 hours before the wedding.  Fortunately I had the day off. So I literally met these guys on the morning of their wedding. They were so open and friendly that it didn’t take long for us to connect and make some great photos. Considering how last minute this wedding was, it was one of the most relaxed shoots I’ve had in ages. Just a big group of friends and family hanging out and celebrating love”.  – Matt

Have you ever seen a contact print like this?  Kerry Paul, former San Jose Mercury News photographer and friend of the lab stopped by to gift us with one of his treasured prints.  But this is not an enlargement, it’s a contact print from a large format negative.

Taken at Point Lobos California in Monterey County and printed on Azo paper Kodak used to make which was designed for contact printing rather than enlargements.  It has a rough texture to the surface now made unique as Kodak no longer makes this type of paper.  In fact, Kodak has gone out of the paper business completely making all current prints precious.  Thank you Kerry for your wonderful gift we can’t wait to hang it up!

For more references on Azo paper you can read with these links: