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Dear LFL Family, Friends, and Customers,


I started Little Film Lab over 5 years ago as a labrotorary for me to learn about film processing and perfect my own photographic craft.  Along the way it rapidly grew into a service for dear friends and as a platform for educating and providing direct access to film lab services and film photographic knowledge.  Thousands and thousands of rolls of film later, unfortunately it is time for our little lab and the close tem that operates it to move on.   The “Little” in the name has always reflected our desire to be both personable and available to customers, even as our customer base rapidly grew.  There were a lot of things about traditional lab interaction I wanted to change, including having an online order form, accounts page, and the ability to edit your own customer color profile anytime and in any way, to have feedback on film in orders, better education about film exposure and the list goes on.  In short I saw it as “Lab 2.0”, and something fitting for our Silicon Valley location.   We were successful on a lot of those fronts, and other labs have since adopted a lot of these positive changes.  In fact, since LFL started the national picture for film labs has gotten brigther!


The film lab community is a small and close community and Boutique Film Lab is a lab with style, customer outlook, and service offering that existing Little Film Lab customers will appreciate and feel right at home with.  Processing analog film with love and devotion is a labor intensive process, and something that Ryan and BFL are awesome at.   Boutique Film Lab is a full service film lab based in Nashville, TN. They offer professional film processing and scanning services for C-41, B&W, E-6 and Remjet backed film.  Like LFL, their core business is offering a high-quality product with personalized intimate customer service.  BFL is excellent with customer relations, and in building a workflow that works for customers.  In return, they have a loyal following and high percentage of repeat customers.


While Little Film Lab is closing, the passion for analog photography and processes will live on, and I continue to look forward to seeing the amazing work that talented photographers such as yourself produce!


BFL Fun Facts
  • BFL was founded in 2014
  • Offer scans on Fuji Frontier and Noritsu
  • Can process and scan roll film from 110 up to 4×5 sheet film
  • All orders are placed online, and can be done from your phone
  • You will always have the same person scanning your work since the owner, Ryan is the sole scanner operator.


Head on over to Boutique Film Lab




LFL Owner

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