Holiday Break 2016


Photo credit: @blakedahlin

Little Film Lab will be on holiday break from December 24th-January 2nd. All film delivered during that time will be secured and held until we resume processing on January 3rd.

We hope you will be enjoying your time with family and friends as much as we will with ours! A sincere thank you to all those who have used Little Film Lab throughout 2016. We wouldn’t be where we are with you and we are excited to grow and develop with you in 2017.

Highlights: Paige Smith

In the Highlights series we acknowledge and admire images that catch our eye and make us think. Want to be featured as part of the Highlights series? Select “Yes, please contact me” under the Social Media section of our order form for your next order for a chance to be featured.


Paige Smith

Artist’s notes:

“I shot this image with a Contax 645 using Kodak Portra 400 in 120. I love the skin colors I get using Kodak’s Portra line, so I tend to stick with them when shooting people pictures. I also love a film image slightly underexposed. I know I might be going against the grain on this one, but I think it gives the image an aged quality with really interesting colors that are hard to replicate with digital. I think I shot this image one stop under. I love photographing kids because they are generally so free in front of the camera. What I typically do is find a location with good lighting and then sit back and watch them be themselves. I do very little coaching beyond putting them in the right light. This allows me the freedom to think and be more creative on the spot while capturing images that are real rather than contrived. And thanks always to LFL for being on point and FAST with their developing and scanning skills! Keep up the good work, friends!”

See more of Paige’s work – @heypaige, and



Guess The Stock

Say hello to our new series “Guess The Stock“. Each film stock has a specific look, influenced by a combination of the exposure and setting chosen while shooting. As a photographer better understands the various looks of a given stock, they can better select the correct stock for the look they are trying to achieve. This series will give you a chance to test your knowledge and measure your best guess against that of your peers.

Analyze the image, participate in our poll, and then click on the link at the bottom of the post to reveal the answer. Love playing along? Click on “Guess The Stock” at the bottom left corner of this post to find all of the images in our stock guessing series.

This particular image is shown as-is, straight from the lab. Thank you Adriana Klas Photography for allowing us to use your beautiful work in this inaugural post!

Adriana Klas Photography, Processed and Scanned by Little Film Lab


Which film stock was used to create this image?
© Kama


Click here to reveal the stock, This image by Adriana Klas Photography was created using


Portra 400, scanned on the Noritsu


Oh Hello!

My name is Jenna, and I’m thrilled to be writing up this post as one of the newest team members at Little Film Lab. I’ve spent a decent amount of time this summer clapping with glee over the gorgeous scans you all have been sending through the lab. I can’t get enough of all things film – whether it’s the realization of my own efforts or celebrating the accomplishments of others.


Photo credit: Jen J Photo

Check out our @littlefilmlab Instagram feed – that’s the first place changes are occurring. Next is the blog. We’ll be expanding this space to be a place where you’ll not only find swoon-worthy images, but artist spotlights, lab highlights, educational goodies, and more. We not only want Little Film Lab to grow into a flourishing haven for lovers of analog – we want to provide information and inspiration that will help each of you grow right along with us.

We’re tossing around all sorts of intriguing ideas to implement in the future. Comment below with your feedback on how we can turn Little Film Lab into your first choice for all of your development, scanning, and printing needs. And, as always, send us your film! Your work is always in good hands when it’s with us (not just mine, I’m the one doing all that gleeful clapping and effusive-praise-filled typing – I’ll soon introduce you to the rockstars who are turning your raw negatives into the artwork your clients will swoon over!)