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Guess The Stock

Say hello to our new series “Guess The Stock“. Each film stock has a specific look, influenced by a combination of the exposure and setting chosen while shooting. As a photographer better understands the various looks of a given stock, they can better select the correct stock for the look they are trying to achieve. This series will give you a chance to test your knowledge and measure your best guess against that of your peers.

Analyze the image, participate in our poll, and then click on the link at the bottom of the post to reveal the answer. Love playing along? Click on “Guess The Stock” at the bottom left corner of this post to find all of the images in our stock guessing series.

This particular image is shown as-is, straight from the lab. Thank you Adriana Klas Photography for allowing us to use your beautiful work in this inaugural post!

Adriana Klas Photography, Processed and Scanned by Little Film Lab


Which film stock was used to create this image?


Click here to reveal the stock, This image by Adriana Klas Photography was created using


Portra 400, scanned on the Noritsu