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Highlights: Paige Smith

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Paige Smith

Artist’s notes:

“I shot this image with a Contax 645 using Kodak Portra 400 in 120. I love the skin colors I get using Kodak’s Portra line, so I tend to stick with them when shooting people pictures. I also love a film image slightly underexposed. I know I might be going against the grain on this one, but I think it gives the image an aged quality with really interesting colors that are hard to replicate with digital. I think I shot this image one stop under. I love photographing kids because they are generally so free in front of the camera. What I typically do is find a location with good lighting and then sit back and watch them be themselves. I do very little coaching beyond putting them in the right light. This allows me the freedom to think and be more creative on the spot while capturing images that are real rather than contrived. And thanks always to LFL for being on point and FAST with their developing and scanning skills! Keep up the good work, friends!”

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