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Holiday Break 2016


Photo credit: @blakedahlin

Little Film Lab will be on holiday break from December 24th-January 2nd. All film delivered during that time will be secured and held until we resume processing on January 3rd.

We hope you will be enjoying your time with family and friends as much as we will with ours! A sincere thank you to all those who have used Little Film Lab throughout 2016. We wouldn’t be where we are with you and we are excited to grow and develop with you in 2017.

Order Form Awesomeness

Having an online order form has a lot of advantages, like knowing that your film is en-route to the lab. But some 600 rolls of film later, we think we have made the LFL order form REALLY AWESOME now! Here is a list of improvements:

  1. Review page added. Enter your film and then take a moment to review it. We also removed line item defaults of C41 and 35mm, s now we will receive fewer rolls 35mm color film that look oddly like 120 rolls of Tri-X. :-p And fewer people asking to have their order modified. You know who you are!
  2. Freshbooks Invoice integration. LFL is switching to Freshbooks which will let us deliver awesome super-professional invoices. The order form will generate a draft invoice. Once we receive your film and check it into the lab, we will send you a finalized invoice.
  3. Place credit cards on file. Don’t want the hassle of having to click on an invoice and pay it? You can place a credit card on file (see bottom of the review page) when placing an order. With a card on file, we will charge your card automatically when your film arrives and send you an invoice marked as PAID. And fear not, your credit card number will BE NOWHERE NEAR these LFL’s Servers. This is accomplished using Stripe, a super awesome payment gateway. They take care of PCI compliance so you (and LFL) can sleep easy at night.
  4. Want to use different cards for different order types? Want to use one card for your photography business and paying clients, but use a different card for personal work? LFL has you covered! Once you have one card on file, you can place additional cards on file with subsequent orders. If you have multiple cards on file you can choose which card you want billed on individual orders.

Soon we will be adding additional improvements to the LFL order form and website…

  • Notify us of package tracking numbers from your account page whenever you send us film so we can watch it en-route and make sure we never lose a package.
  • PRINTS PRINTS …and PRINTS! More info COMING SOON. We love prints. Edit your shoot using proof prints. Send your clients a Proof Box of prints you have edited. And who doesn’t love a box of big beautiful large prints?
  • Right now we store sample images, and before and after images for customer color preference in folders named for each customer. Soon we will be moving that online so you can see what we have on file as your color profile to use when scanning.