How I Shot This


Photographer: Rholinelle Joy DeTorres
Camera: Nikon F3
Lens: Lensbaby 2.0 (the old bellows focus version)
Film Stock: Portra 400
Developing and Scanning: Pushed 2 and scanned on Noritsu
How I Shot This: I had the Lensbaby on my camera because I wanted to get some heart shaped bokeh of my Christmas tree lights. I looked over and noticed my girls sitting on the couch in this position. I knew I didn’t have enough light, so I used my cell phone to shine a bit more light in their direction. Even with that, I was doubtful of the amount of light, so I decided to double expose the Christmas tree lights over them in hopes that combined, it would be enough light. The final exposure was made using my in-camera meter – first exposing the image of my girls one stop under, then exposing the Christmas tree bokeh (using a heart aperture) two stops under. The crazy focus and distortion is all due to the Lensbaby.

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