Develop + Scan

ProcessScan Size35mm1202204x58x10
Color Negative (C41)Noritsu Large17.5017.5032nana
Noritsu XL232337nana
Frontier Large181832nana
Frontier XL252642nana
Black and WhiteNoritsu Large171730nana
Noritsu XL202034nana
Frontier Large181834nana
Frontier XL252644nana
Slide (E6)Noritsu Large252540nana
Noritsu XL323248nana
Frontier Large272740nana
Frontier XL343452nana
Remjet Backed Motion Picture Film (cross processed in C41)Noritsu Large202434nana
Noritsu XL323448nana
Frontier Large222738nana
Frontier XL353755nana

Develop Only


Scan Only

Scan Size35mm1202204x58x10
Noritsu Large111124nana
Noritsu XL141424nana
Frontier Large121224nana
Frontier XL181830nana

Turnaround Time. Current regular turnaround time is 5 days for Noritsu scans and 10 days for Frontier scans. (Orders with E6 processing may take up to 10 days.)

Scan Sizes.

Frontier Scans (Approx.)

  • Large 3400×2400
  • Extra-Large 4900×3600 (largest possible)

Noritsu Scan Size (Approx.)

  • Large 645: 4824 x 3533
  • Large 35mm: 3130 x 2075
  • Extra-Large 645: 5028 x 3859
  • Extra-Large 35mm: 6774 x 4492

Push/Pull Processing. Easily done at no extra cost, this option is included on the online order form.

Pushing color negative film does not result in a great speed enhancement and should only be done regularly for artistic effect.


About the lab’s equipment

Standard color-negative film development is performed using a very thoroughly re-conditioned Fuji roller transport film processor using Fuji CN-16S chemistry. The film processor handles all of the mixing of photo chemistry, and adjusts chemical replenishment rate by film use and compensates for evaporation by continuous monitoring of room temperature and humidity. The rollers are meticulously maintained to ensure the physical safety of our precious film. The process is monitored each day using process control strips, measured on a calibrated X-rite 891 automatic densitometer.

Black and White film (and we LOVE! LOVE! black and white) is processed using X-tol developer. Color slide film (E-6 Process) is souped in Tetenal 4 bath chemistry.

For pushed color, black and white, slide, and sheet film we use an precisely controlled Jobo Autolab 2500 rotary film processor. The process temperature and time are digitally controlled to ensure complete control over the result. Because of the economical “one-shot” use of chemistry we can also process remjet backed motion picture film (such as Vision 3 500T) which will give superior technical results to “premoval” remjet films such as Cinestill film with all the same benefits of tungsten light balance and high speed sensitivity.

Scanning is done using a Fuji Frontier SP3000 scanner. This is a top of the line scanner for roll films that is well regarded for its excellent color and tonal rendition. (Some have called it the “holy grail” of scanners.) The scanner uses digital ICE to remove dust on color negatives. All black and white scans will be quickly spotted for dust after scanning.